Congratulations to the Wangenheim CyberPatriots! Our Cyber Patriot Club began just a few months ago in January 2015. The educational club was created to inspire students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. We work with the support of the Mira Mesa High School CyberPatriot Students. The club increases the awareness of cybersecurity by delivering a basic cybersecurity education supporting leadership, communication, and cooperation skills among its members. Each week the MMHS students mentor our middle school students. Our CyberPatriots placed 10th just a few spots behind their mentors from MMHS.


  1. Westview HS
  2. Ramona HS
  3. Robert F. Kennedy (SEVAH HS)
  4. Robert F. Kennedy (ASGL MS)
  5. Troy HS
  6. Canyon Crest Academy
  7. Del Norte HS
  8. Mira Mesa HS
  9. North Hollywood HS
  10. Wangenheim MS