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Walker Elementary Receives 2018 QSiEN Award for Positive School Environment, Culture and Climate. 

Every family should have confidence in and excitement about their neighborhood public school. For families living in the Walker area, their confidence is being echoed at the district level. For more information click here

A group of Authors, Illustrators, and Journalists (AIJ), led by second grade teacher Ms. Grace Nall, took on the challenge of making a short documentary.   Meeting weekly after school, the enrichment club orchestrated a story and employed newly aquired film/editing skills.  In the end, their cooking-show approach resulted in a nomination for an Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) Award.

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The  will be at Walker in front of the K playground ALL summer long and EVERY Wednesday even during holidays and during throughout the school year. Anyone can access this clinic. Elementary, Middle School, High School And College students, parents, members of our community, Miramar College, CDC, Head Start, Klassic Kids, and all ages from unborn, newborn to senior citizens plus, etc. Medi-Cal and Covered CA accepted. You don’t need to have any insurance, documentation or social security numbers.

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The Family Health Centers of San Diego Medical Mobile Unit will be at Walker Elementary beginning Wednesday, March 9 from 8:30-noon and every Wednesday 8:30-noon. Parking is only available on RICKERT ROAD, adjacent streets, and across the street from the loading and unloading zones. Please do not park in the Walker parking lot.

These services are available to any families without insurance, with insurance under Covered CA, medi-CAL including undocumented familes/students and social security numbers are not needed. Nominal fees ($20-25 can be made in payments). Flyer English Spanish

Walker Elementary has a new website check it out at sandi.net/walker

Walker Elementary School Celebrates Read Across America with Books' Donation and Author Visits

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The March 2013 issue of the Eagle Eye

Walker News

21 January 2019

  • 19 Resolutions to Help Your Child Experience Success in 2019

    You may have already set some personal and professional goals for the upcoming year.  But have you taken any time to set goals related to seeing your son or daughter experience success in 2019? 

    If not, we've got you covered. Here, we are sharing 19 possibilities to jump start your thinking. 

    Research in effective goal setting tells us that consistent focus on a few goals yields the best results.  So why not select two to three of these goals, write them down, post them on your fridge, act on them, and celebrate the success of your child?

    Here are some possible resolutions that will lead to student success in 2019:

    I will express love and high expectations for my child each day before school. Our words matter.  Our children need to know that we love them.  They also need to know that we believe in their abilities and expect their best.  Consider developing a family mantra or a daily encouragement.  "Sanchez kids give their all, sometimes fall, but always get back up," or, "You are loved. You are smart. You are ready for this day!" are a couple of examples.
    I will make sure my child gets to school on time, every day.  We know that habits of success are developed at early ages and continue on for years.  It's difficult to locate a more important habit than showing up on time and ready to learn, every school day.
    I will check my child's notebook/backpack each day when they get home.Organizational skills are needed for students to experience success at higher levels of education. Many of our students need help using their planners, filing their papers, and taking good notes. You can play a role in this critical skill development.
    I will get my child to bed early, to ensure they able to maximize their learning the following day.
    I will visit the Mira Mesa Public Library and get a library card for our family.
    I will check out new books every other week for my child from the public library.
    I will communicate bi-weekly with my child's teacher about his/her progress.
    I will read with my child four evenings a week.
    I will attend a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) meeting and volunteer for one event.
    I will create a warm, inviting, and calm reading area in my home.
    I will have more healthy foods and snacks available to help my child's brain grow.
    I will ask my child about their learning. Some ways to ask this include: "What are you working on as a reader?" or "What was the focus of your math lesson today?"
    I will visit the school's website and/or read "This Week at Walker" (via email) weekly to stay informed about school events.
    I will limit screen time for my child to create opportunities for play, exercise, relationships, and reading.
    I will learn about the additional resources to which my child has access.  In addition to the school library, our students have access to tools and resources, both online and offline, which support their continued learning.  Ask your child's teacher what specific programs and tools are available at their grade level.
    I will help my child prepare for tests. In every grade, students are assessed on skills.  Whether they are asked to learn high frequency words, spelling words, multiplication facts, or state capitals, you can play a role in quizzing, calming, and celebrating your child before and after tests.
    I will facilitate learning experiences on the weekends.  Many of our students learn best by doing. Taking them to historical sites, museums, nature trails, and unique outings can open up their mind and fuel a love of learning.
    I will find extra support if my child is struggling.
    I will find ways to celebrate the successes of my child this year.


    Which resolutions will take your child to the next level this year?  To which are you willing to commit?

    We are here to support you, as you consider making a deeper commitment to your child in 2019.

    Let's work together to see your child #experienceSUCCESS in 2019 and beyond!

  • Liz Hevener Honored with the Mission Federal Success Maker Award

    Meet Liz Hevener, this month’s winner of theMission Federal Success Maker Award.Each month, staff members are nominated by colleagues for taking incredible efforts to create conditions for student success at Walker.

    Technically Liz is enrollment specialist for our site. Her gifts and skills, however, have her contributing in numerous ways that make Walker an amazing place to be. For so many families, she is a safe, point of contact for our school. Being bilingual, she is able to meet families where they are at, and help them get what they need. Being compassionate, she communicates welcome and respect. Nominated asClassified Staff of the Yeartwice in her short tenure at Walker, Liz’s contributions are noticed by colleagues as well.  In the words of one colleague, “Liz goes above and beyond (and out of her way) to help emerging bilingual students navigate coming to a new school...she helps kids understand that Walker wants them and they’ll be successful in their time here and beyond.”  

    When Liz is not at school serving students and families, she can be found hosting parties and at her son Auggie’s soccer games.

    What she likes most about serving families at Walker is knowing that she is helping others and seeing students and parents happy.

    In honor of Liz’s efforts, she will receive $100 in tools/ items of her choice to propel future family engagement or learning. Congratulations Liz!

  • Walker Receives 2018 QSiEN Award for Positive School Environment, Culture and Climate