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San Diego Unified School District - Ericson

03 August 2020

  • Home School Compact







     Instructional Leadership:


    1. I will work to ensure a positive learning climate at the school, and hold high expectations for


    student achievements.


    2. I will provide instructional leadership to inspire and encourage staff to learn and practice a variety of effective teaching strategies.


    3. I will ensure access to a high quality curriculum that addresses student needs and enables students to meet or exceed standards.


    4. I will effectively utilize site and community resources to improve student achievement.




    School Environment:


    5. I will foster a safe, positive and nurturing learning environment with a consistent application of the site discipline plan.


    6. I will create a welcoming environment for students, families, and community members.






    7. I will provide regular and direct communication regarding school programs, events and learning issues to students, families, and the community.








    Teaching and Learning:


    1. I will set high expectations for student learning and use a variety of teaching strategies to motivate and encourage all of my students.


    2. I will provide and enriching academic program based on standards.


    3. I will give my students timely feedback on their work.


    4. I will provide a safe and positive atmosphere for learning consistent with our site discipline plan.


    5. I will seek out additional resources, such as individual instruction, technology, peer coaching/tutoring, etc., to meet my students’ special academic needs.


    6. I will advocate for my students’ non-academic needs.




    School Environment:


    7. I will help to create a welcoming environment for students, families and community members.


    8. I will provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe, and/or participate in classroom




    9. I will actively participate in site decision making.








    10. I will communicate with the parents of my students through frequent reports on their child’s


    progress, and will notify parents of any concerns or problems in a timely manner.


    11. I will schedule parent/teacher conferences, return parent calls, and be reasonably available to parents.


    12. I will suggest ways that parents can support their child’s learning at home, including the


    importance of reading daily with their child, and limiting television viewing.










    School Support:


    1. I will ensure my child attends school daily, on time, prepared, and ready to work and learn.


    2. I will hold high expectations for my child and regularly monitor my child’s progress.


    3. I will know and support school/classroom rules, and the site discipline and attendance plan.


    4. I will advocate for my child by participating in advisory groups.


    5. I will participate in decisions, as appropriate, related to the education of my child.


    6. I will plan family vacations for times when school is not in session.




    School Communication and Involvement:


    7. I will contact teachers/counselors about concerns or problems in a timely manner.


    8. I will attend a minimum of one parent/teacher conference a year and ask for progress reports as needed.


    9. I will be available to teachers and will return teacher calls in a timely manner.


    10. I will participate and/or volunteer in classroom/school activities and encourage my child to do the same.




    Home Learning:


    11. I will provide a regular time, place, and supervision for homework completion.


    12. I will read to my child or ensure that my child reads daily just for pleasure.


    13. I will limit my child’s television viewing and electronic entertainment time, and encourage


    positive uses of our home time.










    1. I will attend school daily, on time, prepared, and ready to work and learn.


    2. I will understand what I am expected to learn, complete all assignments to the best of my ability and get help when I need it.






    3. I will follow school rules (including the site discipline code) and cooperate with adults and other students.


    4. I will respect the rights of others to learn and help to create a positive learning environment for everyone.


    5. I will follow teacher instructions and not be disruptive in class.


    6. I will not use profanity or make derogatory statements (put-downs).


    7. I will respect the property of the school, the community, and others.





    8. Every day, I will spend time reading, studying and completing homework

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  • Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy


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  • SSC Meeting
    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 9:00am to 9:30am

    SSC Meeting

    email if you would like zoom link for public comment.