Eric VazquezEric Vazquez, a Mira Mesa High School Broadcast Journalism senior, recently completed over 70 hours of Community Classroom internship hours with San Diego State University’s IT Department. Broadcast Journalism is one of the many College, Career & Technical Education (CCTE) courses offered at Mira Mesa High School.

As part of his responsibilities, Eric worked alongside SDSU professionals in the scripting, shooting and editing of a video created to raise awareness among SDSU faculty of the difficulties that seeing and hearing impaired students face on a daily basis. It is the hope of the SDSU IT department that this video will make a difference in how professors unfold instruction to all students. The IT department plans on distributing the finished video to the entire CSU system for implementation into Professional Development for university professors in order to enrich instructional practices for students. Eric Vazquez stated, “It was a really good experience to work with the production manager who taught him a lot of practical and technical skills which apply in the industry.” He enjoyed working with Kelvin, who is legally blind and deaf, and his guide dog, Jerry throughout the production of the film. Eric gained a lot of appreciation and respect for the daily challenges faced by others with disabilities.

For more information on CCTE or the Broadcast Journalism class, contact Vice Principal, Sara Leonard, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 858/566-2262 X-2204.