Parents are welcome to attend the event below. More information and registration at .The cluster is considering hosting an event so we would like to hear feedback from anyone who attends. 

What I Wish My Parents Knew is a community based conversation and you are invited to the table! This conversation is among parents in the Poway Unified School District community and facilitated by our High School Principals and leaders in the faith community. The purpose of this conversation is to support parents resulting in safer and more successful students. As you engage in this conversation you can expect... 

  • Partnership - The foundation of this conversation is built upon the belief that a community is stronger when community leaders in every sector partner together.
  • Support – We are here for no other reason than to support; recognizing that we are stronger together.
  • Honesty – This is a place where you can feel comfortable being honest about your needs without the fear of being judged.
  • Expertise – Each of our break-out sessions are led by subject matter experts who are giving of their time to help inform and equip parents to know how to handle the subject.

Sept. 30th - 6:30 - 8:45 pm Westview High School