The first Cluster Congress meeting of the school year will be Thursday, Sept. 24th 6:00pm at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. The Cluster Congress is a committed group of representatives from the 16 clusters who are dedicated to the process of:

  • Providing a forum for cluster leaders to discuss topics of mutual interest,
  • Building relationships across the district,
  • Working together across clusters and with the district to find solutions to problems,
  • Becoming a channel for district administrates to provide information as it becomes available with time for questions and discussion,
  • Creating a path for providing input on decisions that impact students across the district.

Please make sure there will be representation from your cluster at the meetings. The schedule for the 6 Cluster Congress meetings for the school year 2015-'16 will generally be on the 4th Thursday of the month. We will not have meetings in Nov. or Dec. because of the many holiday commitments and events. Meetings will continue to be at 6:00pm at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town.
Cluster Congress meetings for 2015-'16:

  • Sept. 24
  • Oct. 22
  • Jan. 28
  • Feb. 25
  • March 24
  • April 28

Thank you for your participation in this important process. Working together across clusters with a shared commitment to our schools is critical to the success of the students in our district.