Ms. Ryder celebrates with her studentsFelicia Ryder of Wangenheim Middle School is the 2011 Qualcomm Science & Technology Educator of the Year. Ms. Ryder was honored at the Cox Channel 4 Salute to Teachers on October 1st. She has taught 6th and 7th grade science for 17 years, and in three of those years worked as a science resource teacher supporting science teachers throughout the county. She's a champion of inquiry-based science, teaching her students to "do" science like scientists. Her students use her MOODLE site to access current scientific research, upload assignments, and debate science topics. For the last three years Mrs. Ryder has taken part in a collaborative  effort with Scripps Institute and the Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence to create online learning tools to enhance science education and promote ocean sciences. She uses a variety of innovative technologies to deliver instruction and assess achievement, engaging students with the digital tools and language they've embraced.