Mason Elementary Teacher a NBC Learn K-12 Subscriber Spotlight:

Meet Rosemarie Esparza, a first grade teacher and Digital Teacher Leader from San Diego Unified School District. Esparza explains the importance of using NBC Learn as part of her project-based teaching approach.

“Reciting information and ‘drill-and-kill’ worksheets are not helpful for developing 21st century learners. My students need to learn how to work together and collaborate, and the NBC Learn videos provide the perfect framework for that.” For example, Esparza showed her first graders the Exploring Habitats video to introduce the topic and provide essential background information for the project they were going to be working on. “They were so quiet and engaged and when it was over, they all clapped!”

“The videos really run the whole gamut and go along with exactly what we’re learning. Whether we are learning about lava and volcanoes, basic writing skills and grammar, or how to be a good citizen, there is always a relevant NBC Learn video to show my students.” For elementary school teachers, Esparza suggests looking in the K-5 Resources collection and then expanding your search.