1. Meet Liz Hevener, this month’s winner of theMission Federal Success Maker Award.Each month, staff members are nominated by colleagues for taking incredible efforts to create conditions for student success at Walker.

    Technically Liz is enrollment specialist for our site. Her gifts and skills, however, have her contributing in numerous ways that make Walker an amazing place to be. For so many families, she is a safe, point of contact for our school. Being bilingual, she is able to meet families where they are at, and help them get what they need. Being compassionate, she communicates welcome and respect. Nominated asClassified Staff of the Yeartwice in her short tenure at Walker, Liz’s contributions are noticed by colleagues as well.  In the words of one colleague, “Liz goes above and beyond (and out of her way) to help emerging bilingual students navigate coming to a new school...she helps kids understand that Walker wants them and they’ll be successful in their time here and beyond.”  

    When Liz is not at school serving students and families, she can be found hosting parties and at her son Auggie’s soccer games.

    What she likes most about serving families at Walker is knowing that she is helping others and seeing students and parents happy.

    In honor of Liz’s efforts, she will receive $100 in tools/ items of her choice to propel future family engagement or learning. Congratulations Liz!

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    Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

    Join Mrs Amanda Cutler our school conselor who will explain the counseling program and the goals for our children.

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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

    Please join our Couselor Amanda Cutler who will lead a discussion explaining the counseling program and goals for our children.

  5. Meet Melissa Maciel, October’s winner of theMission Federal Success Maker Award.Each month, staff members are nominated by colleagues for taking actions that create conditions for student success.

    Ms. Maciel is an Ed Specialist who works with cross-disciplinary teams to deliverjust-rightsupports for all students, including students with learning disabilities.  In her fourth year at Walker, Ms. Maciel works closely with students and teachers in grades K-3.  In the words of another fellow teacher, she, "...always has the best interest of the students at heart. She works endlessly to create visuals the students need! She never says no to trying new strategies and always listens and is open to others ideas and strategies. She’s a true team player!” In the words of Leilani, a student she works with, “Ms. M makes me feel happy. She helped me make a book with all the words I know. I love learning with Ms. M.”

    When Ms. Maciel is not at school serving students, she can be found hiking with her kids, running trails, or cheering for Buckeye/Aztec football teams.

    What she likes most about serving students is "the connection you can make with a student over the course of their elementary journey. Seeing them progress over multiple years is awesome!"

    Walker is better because Melissa Maciel works to provide quality first instruction, optimal challenge, and targeted support, so that each and every student experiences success.

    In honor of Ms. Maciel’s efforts for students, she will receive $100 in tools/items of her choice that support classroom instruction.  Congratulations, Melissa!