On Tuesday 27 mat the school board approved the Comprehensive Plan for Integrating Opening of Salk Elementary into Mira Mesa Cluster in September 2015

Community Consensus for Attendance Boundaries.pdf
Salk ES Attendance Boundary Changes Board Report, 5-27-14.pdf

Background: After more than two decades of delay, Salk Elementary will open in September 2015, in the Mira Mesa Cluster. The school was originally planned in the 1980's since the schools in Mira Mesa were filled beyond capacity and had adopted rotating year round schedules to accommodate four classes in three classrooms. Portables were also added and Mira Mesa has many that are beyond their reasonable life span.

Currently, there is a major development on the east end along I-15 and in future years a large new development is planned on the west end. Salk is located in a neighborhood in the southwest quadrant of Mira Mesa. The neighborhood is separated from the rest of Mira Mesa by two major thoroughfares, south of Mira Mesa Blvd and west of Camino Ruiz. The construction of the school began in September 2013, and it is scheduled to open as a K-5 school in September 2015.

The Mira Mesa Cluster has been involved in an intensive planning process during the 2013-14 school year with input from parents, staff, and community members at several meetings. Mira Mesa has identified itself as a comprehensive college and career ready, focused cluster. It has extensive arts programs and career technical education programs and a high level of focus on college preparation. The integration of the new school offers the opportunity to reinforce a smooth K-12 articulation across the cluster.

MOTION -- Board Trustees Evans and Foster will ask the board to approve the following:

  • The opening of Salk requires establishment of attendance boundaries for the new school, as well as adjustment of the attendance boundaries of the other schools in the interests of balancing the enrollments, but with particular attention to the safety of students and the preservation of logical neighborhood boundaries. See new attendance boundary map and chart, which is based on community consensus, attached.
  • The plan developed by community and staff also includes provisions for grandfathering to allow students currently attending one elementary school to stay at that school if they do not wish to change to the school in the new boundaries.
  • Additionally, to facilitate higher attendance at neighborhood schools and less choicing of students to other schools (often due to calendar conflicts), it is the intent of the board that the three year-round schools (Ericson, Mason, Walker) would convert to traditional calendars to align the cluster schools at all levels and to ensure balanced enrollment in the neighborhood schools. Changes to school calendars would occur in the 2015-16 school year. While the cluster council, including parents and staff, has reached consensus on this issue, this action directs district staff to engage with affected bargaining units on this change prior to implementation.
  • To facilitate the orderly articulation of Hage Elementary students through middle and high school, the Mira Mesa Cluster has come to a consensus on directly aligning it with Mira Mesa High School, rather than the current optional enrollment with Scripps Ranch. This is consistent with Vision 2020 Vision 2: Schools as Neighborhood Learning Centers, Section C: "Clusters will ensure that there is continuity for the neighborhood students in the K-12 program." This action will direct staff to enter into further discussions regarding this change prior to implementation with all of the families affected at Hage Elementary and Wangenheim Middle School, as well as consultation with Scripps Ranch High School and the Scripps Ranch Cluster.
  • With all of the above changes, facilities staff will conduct a review of all aging portables in the cluster to determine whether they need to be replaced or eliminated due to enrollment shifts, as well as other campus facilities needs. Staff will also undertake a review of the need for any increased capacity on the campuses of the middle schools and high school due to the ongoing growth of the Mira Mesa community.

FISCAL IMPACT: There are no budget costs for 2013-14. The estimated cost for 2015-16 due to the potential change of some teachers from a year round to traditional school calendar at three schools (Ericson, Mason, Walker) is approximately $737,305 (148 FTE). This amount includes site based positions only, such as principal, vice principal, counseling and nursing, special education, clerical, campus security, and noon duty. It does not include food services, transportation, support services positions budgeted in the central office departments. Note: some teachers who might be excessed from a school due to a shift in students to Salk Elementary, would most likely move to a traditional calendar anyway.