Working Together for Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood

The Board of Education and Superintendent Cindy Marten invite all stakeholders to a series of neighborhood meetings to Dream Big together for the future of our schools. We are committed to having clear, long-term priorities based on our Vision 2020. We believe that when our priorities are inspired and informed by our parents, students, and teachers, we will have important information for long-range planning with students at the center. These forums will yield a clear and collective sense of our District-wide long-term priorities.

Monday, Mar. 3, 7-9 p.m.
Mira Mesa High School

The "Vision 2020 Forums: What Kinds of Schools Do We Want" series offer parents, staff, students, and community members an opportunity to give input to the superintendent and the board members on priorities for our students and schools. The forums will focus on three guiding questions:

  1. What do we believe is working on our path to accomplishing Vision 2020?
  2. What do we feel and/or think should be improved upon in order to accomplish our Vision 2020?
  3. How will we work together to accomplish our Vision 2020?