Mira Mesa Cluster Schools
Changes Occurring to Schools in Fall 2015

Q: What are the changes being made by the district for the 2015-16 school year? Which schools will be impacted?

  1. Attendance boundaries will change for Hickman, Mason, Sandburg, and Walker elementary schools in order to create an attendance boundary for the new Salk Elementary School. For more information click here. View the new boundaries on this Google map
  2. Ericson, Mason, and Walker elementary schools will convert from year-round to traditional calendar. For more information click here.
  3. The optional area between Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch high schools, which encompasses the Hage elementary boundary, will be phased out. Mira Mesa High School will be considered the neighborhood school. Information Letter
  4. All schools in the Mira Mesa cluster, with the exception of Mira Mesa High, will be directly impacted by these changes.

Download the FAQ for more information EnglishSpanish, Tagalog (Updated 17 Nov)

Copy of the Information Letter that was mail to families


The Mira Mesa Cluster consists of the seven elementary and two middle schools that feed into Mira Mesa High School  Our Mission

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